Application of stage lights
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Application of stage lights

LED Par lamp, or LED, is used as a lighting fixture for light sources. Par can is the name of the lamp, the meaning of the spotlight, LED par lamp and than the traditional par lamp, with a richer color effect, three-color beads of color mixing effect up to 16.7 million.
Led PA lamp has master-slave synchronous operation function, DMX512 console control, computer control, music control function; so it is widely used on the stage.
LED stage lights are white when RGB three colors are all bright, RG is yellow RB is purple GB Tibetan blue RGB is white.
There is also a stage not only LED, but also headlights, beam lights, laser lights, wall washing lights, tracker lights, supplementary lights...

Application of stage lighting effect-Par lighting

Par lamp light is softer. It is often used as a stage headlight. If the field is large and the background light is strong, then PA lamp can be used. Whether it's normal hall lighting, or when it's dark, the light of PAR lamp can be compared with the overall brightness of the stage more gentle. The role of PA lamp is actually. A supplement to the backlight is also used to fill the surface.
Name of the series: stage lights, PAR lights.
It is suggested that the number of PA lamps should be at least one group (6 to 8 pcs).

Application of stage lighting effect-Wall wash lighting
As the name implies, wall-washing lamps are mainly placed on the ground and lighted up. They are mainly small spotlights placed on the ground. Half of them are used on the stage and off the stage (exhibition area, check-in stage) to increase the light. If the road used in the hall is not illuminated (such as Roman pillars), some of the stage will also be placed under the wall-washing lights to increase the effect. If you use T, you will need to wash the wall lights more.
Name of cover: background wash wall lamp
Suggested quantity: unlimited. It depends mainly on the hotel conditions and layout requirements. If the layout is more, it must be more. If less, it will appear too bright and disharmonious.
Explanation: Outside (exhibition area, check-in stage) if the lights are not enough. It is necessary to configure the wall-washing lights. The backgrounds will be especially bright. Setting off the effect. Make the guests feel bright and atmospheric. In the pitch dark. Without the guidance of the light. Is the mood much worse? So the effect of the ground lamp is still necessary!

Application of stage lighting effect-Moving head lighting
The role of Moving head lights is to automatically shake in the air, in the wall and ceiling out of a variety of patterns, to create a dynamic effect on the stage with a computer program, set different shaking methods, with different shaking methods, to set off a different atmosphere of joy and romance.
Name of sleeve: beam lamp
Shaking your head suggests choosing quantity: 2-10 pcs.
Note: Attention to hang up, so there is no shelter. Participated in a stage, using a lot of lights, the scene effect is fantastic!

Application of stage lighting effect-Laser lighting
Stage laser lamp is a kind of special control lamp which can automatically produce various laser beams, laser patterns and laser characters with the Folow of music. It can be directly illuminated. It also adds to the stage effect. The laser effect can take care of more space.

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