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Business Activities

Thank you for your interest in us. Get more details now!

What you could get(be our reseller):
The best price(Pls contact us to get)
2. Lots of local warehouses(in the US, EU and Russia)
The raw materials of the pictures and videos from SHEHDS
4. Just dropshipping and do not be worried about the stock  
What you need to do:
Must have an online store or website to sell.
2. Upload the link to products to your shop.
3. Order from my site with the best price when you have ordered.

二、Help us with promotion materials and get rewarded.
Regarding the videos or pictures:

1. High-quality videos/pictures
2. The scene videos (the lens should appear on our products), which could be the video of the scene built before the performance, the live video of the performance or the behind-the-scenes video.
3. The pictures of the lights are used on spot(2-3 pcs).  
To know:
1. Everyone could participate in us one time.
2. You could get a $200 coupon for your order as soon we confirm the pictures or videos meet our requirements.

三、VIP Members
Become Our member, you can get
1. VIP Member, get a 3% off on orders.
2. Senior Member, get a 2% off on orders.
3. Junior Member, get a 1% off on orders.
4. Also could accumulate points to redeem coupons
   Buy $50 get 1 coin,5 coins for $1 coupon
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